10 Small Changes to Help Save Your Diet Plan

10 Small Changes to Help Save Your Diet Plan

When you're trying to lose weight, there's nothing more discouraging than reaching a diet plateau. If you've been there, you'll know it well -- that awful point where the scales just don't want to budge anymore, even though it seems like you're doing everything right. This is the point where many dieters get frustrated, wonder "What's the point?" and then quit. When it comes to your health, there's most certainly a point, especially if your weight loss goals are critical to your personal well-being.

In the quest to save a flailing diet plan, here are ten simple changes that can help make a big difference.

1. Choose Water More Often

By choosing water in place of just about any drink, you'll save yourself countless calories. You'll also be giving yourself much needed hydration and controlling your body's hunger pangs, which are often caused by thirst.

2. Dump the Diet Soda

Stop putting your diet in serious jeopardy -- a new study revealed that diet soda drinkers gained nearly triple the abdominal fat of non-diet soda drinkers over nine years.

3. Get Your Fruit and Veggies

The fiber in fruit and veggies aids digestion, and keeps you feeling full longer. Plus, they're full of the vitamins your body needs to keep that fat-burning metabolism in optimal shape. Buy bite-sized veggies, like mini carrots, and keep them accessible so you'll reach for them instead of that open bag of chips in the pantry.

4. Prioritize Sleep

Studies have linked getting too-little sleep with an increased risk of being overweight. The reason? Your fatigued body produces more stress hormones, which makes you feel hungrier and causes your body to hold onto fat, too. Dietitians recommend getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night.

5. Brush After Meals

Yes, it's a great way to maintain oral hygiene, but did you know it's also another great way to save your diet? Brushing after a meal reportedly tells your brain (and your mouth) that food time is over.

6. Keep Frozen Shrimp Around

You'll never have to worry what to make for dinner when you have shrimp in the freezer. It defrosts in mere minutes and the protein-packed shellfish has a fraction of the calories found in chicken.

7. Distract Yourself

To keep yourself from focusing on food, do something distracting. Pick up your guitar, start a crossword or work out, as researchers say the stimulation helps quickly stamp out cravings.

8. Drink Green Tea

The Chinese have known about the antioxidant benefits of green tea for hundreds of years. Sipping on this soothing hot drink can also help you lose weight, with some studies showing the tea has a particular impact on harmful abdominal fat.

9. Get Spicy

Dietitians recommend the use of spices in cooking for a more satisfied feeling after eating. All that flavor means you're less likely to be hungry after your meal, which will keep your diet in check.

10. Stop Mindless Eating

Eating in front of the television is one of the worst things you can do to your diet plan because it's that much easier to lose track of how many calories you're shoveling in. Make a firm rule of no dining in front of the TV.

When it feels like your diet has hit a wall, that means it's time to take the bull by the horns to reach your original goals. To save your diet, start following some of the simple changes on this list today. Your diet will soon be moving in the right direction again.





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