4 Healthy Summer Snack Ideas

4 Healthy Summer Snack Ideas

Now that summer is in full swing, barbecues and cookouts are heating up all over the country. Along with the classic cookout staples like hot dogs and hamburgers, you bet there will be loads of snacks. Chips, pretzels, party mix, and plenty of other fattening snacks tend to make their appearance at a barbecue. But the food you snack on this summer doesn’t have to be unhealthy.

It isn’t easy to avoid the unhealthy snacks when out over the summer. It seems like no matter where you turn, someone is enjoying a nice big ice cream cone or salty bag of chips. But the trick to avoiding these unhealthy treats and the bulging waistline that comes with them is to find something delicious that is low on calories and will satisfy your sweet tooth. And while you may be thinking that is impossible to find, there are lots of healthy snacks that could make for good replacements.

1. Fruit Bowl

Nature’s candy, there are lots of options that you can eat either at a barbecue or at home. To make a perfect summer medley, get a few different melons – watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew - and cut them up into chunks. Then combine the melon in a bowl with some berries – strawberries and blueberries work great – and voila, you have a delicious fruit salad. You can even throw some low fat whipped cream into the mix to give the fruit bowl a little something extra.

2. Yogurt pops

For years frozen yogurt has been the healthy alternative to ice cream. If you want to get even more original with your frozen treats, try making yogurt pops. You can get some of the squeezable yogurt tubes and freeze them to make a frozen treat, or you can put some yogurt into small cups, and throw a Popsicle stick in the bottom. When you pull it out, you’ll have yourself a delicious and healthy yogurt pop.

3. Fruit juice pops 

Using the same concept as the yogurt pops, freezing 100% juice can make for a delicious ice pop. Just fill a cup or an ice tray with the juice of your choice, and freeze it. This refreshing ice pop will be low on calories but high on taste. If you are making a bigger pop, you can even consider throwing a few pieces of fruit into the pop before it freezes, so you have a delicious treat in the center of the pop. Be sure to use 100% juice, as many fruit juices are loaded with extra sugars and sweeteners, making them less healthy.

4. Veggies and dip 

Raw veggies are a great snack to fill your body with nutrients. Pair the veggies with hummus or guacamole to dip for a delicious treat. Great veggie options include carrots, broccoli, and peppers. This works great as a platter for guests or just as a nice snack while sitting in your backyard enjoying some sunshine.


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