5 Fitness Hacks for Building Muscle

5 Fitness Hacks for Building Muscle

It’s tough sometimes – getting into shape when we are so busy with other life activities. But muscle building has been proven to be the secret for quick and safe weight loss. Because muscle rapidly increases your metabolism, it burns calories and fat at a faster rate than even cardiovascular activity does.

But if you’re not someone who likes to go to the gym or you simply don’t have a lot of time, there are some ways to increase your muscles even while at home. Let’s look at some of those ways:

1. Focus on core

Your core muscles are in your abdomen. Unfortunately, in a standardized Western lifestyle, those muscles don’t get used very often. But it only takes a little reminder to train ourselves to compress these muscles while doing other physical activity.

You can squeeze muscles as you do laundry, use them to pull yourself up from a sitting position or even tense them up while seated at a desk doing work. Keep using them multiple times per day and you’ll start building those abdominal muscles. 

2. Get active when stressed or bored

We often turn to food when we have stress or boredom in our lives. But this tactic only leads to weight gain and unhealthiness. The better thing to do is to make sure we replace food as our stress or boredom reliever and get active instead! Play a game of football, plant some trees, hoe a garden, mow the lawn, paint a room or wash the car.

These activities all help build muscles and will keep you from mindless eating. And if you can get your kids and family involved, you will all be building more muscle and burning more calories than ever before. 

3. Compete during commercials

Even if you do like being a couch potato once in awhile, set yourself up for muscle building exercises by challenging those in the room to see who can do the most sit-ups or pushups during the commercial breaks.

By making commercial time your time to get active, you are increasing your basic metabolic rate, which is helpful because the metabolic rate drops significantly during TV watching time.

4. Do squats and lunges

You’ve seen those guys who do arm curls all day long but never seem to get any fitter because an arm curl only works one small muscle. The key to any successful muscle building program is to target the long muscle groups using exercises that work multiple muscles at a time. The squat and the lunge are two of the best exercises you can do.

It’s easy to fit squats and lunges in during the day at your convenience. You can do 2 or 3 at a time and continue to build up as you get stronger and more toned. When doing a squat or lunge, don’t forget to tense your core as well for a double bonus.

5. Be narcissistic

Dr. Phil always says you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. Buy a mirror and follow your progress as you go along. It won’t be quick, but if you continue to make small changes, you will start to see the difference. You will see it in your posture and in how you look without clothes on. And pretty soon, you’ll start feeling better about yourself. 


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