Avoid Kidney Stones with 4 Simple Practices

Avoid Kidney Stones with 4 Simple Practices

It’s a thought that makes many shudder with terror. The prospect of sharp shards of mineral passing through your urethra will make anyone cross their legs with trepidation. But kidney stones affect one out of every ten people over the course of their life. So there is a solid chance that you will have to face this terrifying prospect at some point.

There are preventative measures, however, that can reduce your risk of getting kidney stones. Kidney stones are created when certain chemicals become concentrated enough in urine to crystalize. If there is not enough liquid in your urine, these chemicals won’t dilute enough and will start sticking together. There are some things you can do to prevent this from happening. Check out these tips to prevent kidney stones from forming in your body.

1. Drink lots of fluid

Hydrating is essential to fighting kidney stones. If you are drinking enough fluids, the additional water will dilute the chemicals in your urine that eventually turn into kidney stones. If we are dehydrated, then the minerals like calcium, phosphate, and oxylate from our food will crystallize. You can measure your level of dehydration from the color of your urine – if your urine is dark, it means you are dehydrated. The lighter the color of the urine the better shape you are in.

2. Eat calcium; skip sodium

Many people think that having too much calcium in your diet could cause kidney stones. This is a myth – having too little calcium in a diet can actually increase your chances of getting a kidney stone. It is healthy to continue a diet with suitable calcium, and will be helpful to cut down on sodium as well since high sodium diets can lead to kidney stones. You don’t have to stop eating calcium-rich foods if you are worried about stones.

3. See a doctor

If you have a recurring stone problem or are just worried about getting kidney stones, visit your doctor for a consultation. It may not be easy for us to figure out the cause of the kidney stones ourselves, but doctors can determine the cause in most people just by doing a few simple tests. Don’t be bashful when it comes to discussing this with your doctor. It could prevent future problems.

4. Don’t overdo it on animal meat

We all love a good steak and piece of chicken - it’s a satisfying meal. However, relying too much on animal meat in your diet will increase your levels of uric acid and can potentially lead to kidney stones. Red meat, poultry, eggs, and seafood are fine in moderation. But you don’t want to go too heavy and risk getting a stone as well as other health issues.

Kidney stones are very painful, and they will not be easy to pass when the time comes. Do whatever you can in the interim to avoid having to face the painful task of passing a kidney stone.




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