Delivery Food And Your Diet

Delivery Food And Your Diet

Everyone has those nights where it’s late, you’re tired, and rather than cook dinner, you just want to order from your favorite Thai place, pizza joint, or Chinese restaurant. With the convenience of online ordering services like and, it is becoming easier and easier to do just that.

Is it possible to order delivery without busting your diet open at the seams? The short answer is: yes! In this article, we look at ways you can stick to your diet when ordering delivery. We also discuss certain factors you have to take into account, and what to avoid getting delivered to your door.


Possibly the archetype for delivery food, pizza is an American staple. Where you’re from may have a strong bearing on the type of pie you get, but wherever you are, you can make healthy choices. As a rule of thumb, thinner pizzas are slightly healthier than the thick, cheesy, deep-dish alternatives. Some pizza places offer whole-wheat crusts, and it’s definitely worth asking about. 

If you can’t be convinced to change style, at least consider choosing healthier options for what you put on top. As far as toppings go, this should be obvious; go with more vegetables, less fatty meats, and less red meat protein.

Chinese/Asian Cuisine

Besides pizza, Asian food is one of the most popular choices for takeout and delivery. While crispy, fried, often-oily dishes are staples of Asian-American restaurants, it is possible to get the flavors you love from your favorite dishes while simultaneously making healthy choices.

For example, replace your usual fried wontons or dumplings with the just as tasty steamed version. Get a fresh spring roll instead of a fried eggroll. The trend is easy to pick up on—cut out the fatty fried options wherever possible. Another change you can make is opting for whole grain brown rice instead of white rice or fattening noodles.

The Takeout Takeaway

Ordering delivery doesn’t have to ruin all of the hard work you put into dieting. Many takeout and delivery options are actually quite healthy. With so many world cuisines and American favorites, it would be a shame to ignore some of your local restaurants. Just keep basic dietary guidelines like low fat, no fried food, and the importance of whole grains in mind, and you can have a delicious, effort-free meal at your door in a matter of moments. 

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