Foods that Curb Appetite

Foods that Curb Appetite

One of the biggest complaints from people trying to lose or maintain their weight is that they are often HUNGRY!  This is the true belly growling hunger that is often accompanied by headaches and a scare-your-cat grumpy mood.  That’s why it’s important that as you start on a new dietary regimen or a weight management plan you must make sure to include those foods that help to curb appetite and keep you feeling fuller longer. 

Helpful hint: Don’t just add these items.  In order to have a successful plan, you must replace unhealthy items in your diet with the healthy alternatives below!


There are two kinds of fiber – soluble fiber and insoluble fiber.  Soluble fiber dissolves in water to form a gel-like substance.  It slows down digestion and will make you feel fuller longer.  By slowing down digestion, there is also a positive effect on blood sugar levels.  Good sources of soluble fiber include:  apples, blueberries, lentils, beans, strawberries,

Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water, but does add bulk to our digestive system.  Good sources of insoluble fiber include:  whole grains, dark leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds and bran. 

Both types of fiber are also relatively energy dense.  This means that they usually have fewer calories per volume in comparison with other types of foods. 


It’s been said that protein is the Superman of weight loss.  And studies do back this up. Doubling the amount of lean protein in your diet can lead to greater weight loss, especially if you are stuck on a plateau.  Not only are proteins more difficult to digest, which means they sit in your tummy longer, they also make your body work to digest them properly, which means you burn more calories doing so. 

Great sources of protein include:  lean turkey, eggs, pork, chicken, or beef. Good non meat sources include milk, cottage cheese, nuts, lentils, beans and whole grains. 


During the low-fat craze, many people could go through a whole box of fat-free cookies and still feel hungry.  The reason is because fat provides a feeling of satiety.  It also helps with nail and hair growth, which is many without enough healthy fats in their diet will have dry or brittle hair. 

Healthy fats, although encouraged in moderation, can also assist in making sure you feel full.  Even a teaspoon can be extremely filling, but make sure to keep the portions small – fats are very calorie-dense. 

Good sources of fats include:  olive oil, flaxseeds, chia seeds, real butter, coconut oil, cod liver oil, avocados or nuts. 


If you’ve ever had a food craving, such as that desire for a hot fudge sundae, your body may really be telling you that you’re thirsty.  It’s extremely important when dieting that you keep up your fluid intake. A healthy amount of hydration is necessary for your body to burn calories efficiently.  Plus, if you’re adding fiber, you must keep well hydrated otherwise you will soon experience some digestion issues. 


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