5 Fruits for Better Health

5 Fruits for Better Health

Summer is fast approaching, which means that a wide array of healthy fruits are coming into season. This is great news for the health-obsessed. If there's one thing dietitians all agree on, it's that you can't have too much fruit. Even low carb diets make a special exception for fruit because fruits help in every area of nutrition: they're packed with vitamins and nutrients and they're generally low calorie, so they help with weight loss too.

In this article, we identify 5 fruits that are coming into season that would be great additions to your diet. Plus, for each one, we have a great recipe to help you incorporate it.


We already covered the health benefits of avocados in this article. To summarize, we think too many people shy away from avocados because they're relatively high calorie. In reality, avocados are an ideal diet staple for two reasons: (1) they're loaded with nutrients and healthy fats; (2) they taste good, which means you won't hate eating them like you might other diet foods.

Easy Avocado Fries

Easy avocado fries: see the full recipe here.

I know what you're thinking: deep frying is unhealthy! It actually doesn't have to be. If you opt for a healthier oil - like peanut oil - that isn't high in trans and saturated fats, it can be a healthy treat.


A simple way to load up on superfoods is to eat by color - avoid plain beige foods like potato chips and french frieds. In this case, the beautiful deep red of cherries should be a clue of their nutritional value. Cherries are rich in antioxidants, which may help reduce inflammation and help manage arthritis.

Cherry Breakfast Crumble

Cherry Breakfast Crumble: see the full recipe here. (Just ditch the sugar.)


Besides being packed with antioxidants, blackberries have tons of health benefits, from cancer prevention, to cardiovascular improvement, to skin health.

Cantaloupe Berry Soup: see the full recipe here.


We described many of the health benefits of blueberries here. As a refresher, blueberries are among the most highly regarded fruits, renowned for their antioxidant content. Often called a "superfood", blueberries have well-documented cardiovascular and cognitive benefits. High blueberry consumption has been shown in laboratory settings to reduce blood pressure (both systolic and diastolic), improve memory, and delay the effect of aging.

Blueberry Breakfast Salad

Blueberry Breakfast Grain Salad: see the full recipe here.


Plums are just now coming into season and we couldn't recommend them more highly. They are packed with a wide array of nutrients like vitamin C, fiber, and potassium.

Melon and Plum Salad: see the full recipe here.

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