How To Get Out of Your Fitness Rut

How To Get Out of Your Fitness Rut

Most fitness newbies never stick with a fitness routine long enough to get into a fitness rut. So the good news is that, if you're in a rut, it means you're probably doing something right. This doesn't change the misery of doing the same old boring exercise day in and day out, though. A fitness rut can quickly sideline your health goals. Even worse, it might convince you that good health has to be miserable and boring. If you're stuck in a rut, follow these simple tips to break out.

Try a Sport

Fitness is a lot more fun when you're competing with others to win the game, steal the ball, or land the goal. Rather than endlessly jogging, rowing, or lifting, try a team sport instead. Many cities offer recreational leagues, and your neighborhood association may have some teams as well. The camaraderie will keep you going when the going gets rough, and the fun of child's play will make fitness seem manageable again.

Take a Break

It's not just work that can spur burnouts. Doing the same routine every day is enough to drive anyone crazy. Try taking a week-long hiatus from your fitness routine. This gives you a chance to recover from injuries, contemplate new directions for your health, and fill your time with leisure activities. After some time off, odds are good you'll be ready to get back up and try again.

Try Intervals

Interval training can help you burn more calories than a single burst of activity, and may also help you avoid a fitness rut. One study found that runners doing 50-minute runs rated their exercise as more enjoyable when they incorporated three six-minute intervals. Break your workout into smaller steps and you may find it much less boring.

Get a Trainer

If you've been going it alone for a while now, a trainer may be all that's standing between you and taking your fitness game up a notch. A trainer can offer you new activities, a ton of inspiration, and a chance to really challenge yourself. Even better, your trainer may be the voice that gets you out of bed when you don't think you can face another day of exercise.

Join a Group

Most activities are more fun when you do them in a group of people you like, and exercise is no exception. Try joining a workout group tailored to your skill level. Not into memberships and joining pre-established groups? Try starting your own group. Chat with people online to get inspiration, then report on each other's progress on a regular basis. Or just ask a buddy to join you for a weekly – or more frequent – workout jaunt. When someone else is counting on you, you're more likely to stick to your goals, and less likely to see your routine as misery and work. 

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