Holiday Diet Tips for Vegetarians

Holiday Diet Tips for Vegetarians

To celebrate the season in a health-giving way that helps you achieve your new year's resolutions, consider some vegetarian options for the holidays. These alternatives to traditional fare are much better for you and simple to prepare. Documented research indicates the many benefits of adopting a vegetarian diet, and you have so many tasty options during this food-oriented time of year.

Some vegetarian strategies and awesome alternatives during your holiday include:

1. Put the spotlight on produce

Produce is the life-force of the vegan diet. It's a great source of protein and energy. Use the best, freshest produce that you can find for your holiday dishes. Buy organic fruits or berries that might ordinarily seem like a splurge. Roast fresh root vegetables with fresh rosemary and lemon slices for a delicious and light meal that will save room for lots of yummy desserts later.

2. Nosh on nuts

Nuts are an integral source of protein on a vegetarian diet. You can find many clever ways to use them for snacks and appetizers during the holidays. Try toasting or roasting nuts tossed with a bit of coconut sugar, cinnamon and salt. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper for a sweet and spicy snack.

3. Don’t skip the sweets

Try recreating some of your favorite treat using only vegetarian ingredients. For instance, use cocoa powder and brown-rice syrup for tantalizing brownies. Consider blending silken tofu and honey to make a sweet fruit dip. Heat up pure maple syrup and brush it on the top of muffins, rolls or cakes for a sweetened, sticky finish that'll have guests licking their fingers!

4. Host a plant-based pot-luck

Another great way to stick to a vegetarian diet is to host a potluck. Ask guests to bring their favorite plant-based food. Even fresh fruit, cut veggies or salads qualify for your buffet table. Start a sign-up sheet via email to figure out what dishes and foods you'll want to provide to complete the meal.

5. Take time to bake bread

Everyone loves the smell of fresh-baked bread on Christmas morning, and whole-grain bread can be an important staple in a plant-based diet. Adapt your favorite bread, roll and muffin recipes to contain only vegetarian ingredients. For example, maple syrup is a great vegan sweetener to use instead of white sugar.

Try these strategies to make your festive meals more nutritious and environmentally friendly. A diet that is lower in animal protein is more gentle on the environment. Neither your guests nor you will feel deprived when you adopt some of these simple and sensible strategies for dealing with your holiday meal. Start slow by substituting some of your family's favorite dishes with plant-based alternatives. Why not invite friends to share in your more health-conscious holiday meal?

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