How to Beat Common Excuses for Skipping the Gym

How to Beat Common Excuses for Skipping the Gym

We all have our reasons to skip the gym. Sometimes your couch is just too comfortable, and you need to think up a reason to skip your workout. Your logic is that Netflix just put out a great new original series and you need to watch it all night. But it is this type of flimsy excuse that leads to a bulging waistline and general feeling of lethargy.  Before you know it, you are overweight and unhealthy. The lame excuses need to end today.

It is easy to make plans and say you are going to go on a diet or hit the gym. Plenty of people commit to a lifestyle change, but then when it comes down to it, they flake out. It's a mental challenge to pass that final hurdle. Learn to overcome these four common excuses, and get the motivation to finally start that workout routine you've been planning.

Excuse #1: “There’s no time.”

This is one of the most popular excuses out there, as many people claim to be just too busy to exercise. Well, this comes down to how much you prioritize your health. There are plenty of people out there who work 12 hour days and still find time to stay fit. There is almost definitely something in your daily routine that you could replace with exercise. At the very least, you can find ways to incorporate exercise into your work day.

Excuse #2: “I’m too tired.”

Another classic excuse, plenty of people love to say they are too tired to go to the gym after a long day. Well, lucky for them, working out actually boosts energy levels!  If you are too tired, a bit of hard exercise will wake the body right up. Not to mention, there is no rule that says you must go to the gym after a long day. Most gyms open early, for those who are motivated enough to start their day with a workout. It is very possible you are too tired to work out, but you have to at least give your body a shot.

Excuse #3: “Everyone at the gym is in better shape than me.” 

The gym can be an intimidating place, especially if you are not confident in your body or your ability to workout. That is ok. No one at the gym is judging you; in fact plenty of people will be very friendly and be willing to help with any questions you may have. Plus, not everyone there is a muscle bound superstar. There are going to be plenty of people like you, trying to get in shape. Plan to see people of all fitness levels at the gym.

Excuse #4: “Gyms are too expensive.”

If you don’t think a gym membership fits your budget, you don’t have to stretch your wallet to get one. You can easily work out at home and outside. Running in a park is free, and there are plenty of exercises you can do with just your body weight in the comfort of your home.


It's time to stop making excuses. Get out there and get fit! For extra motivation, you may need to hire a personal trainer, buddy up with a fitness friend, or add reminders to your phone or calendar to help keep your fitness schedule on track. 

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