The 4 Worst Ways To Lose Weight

The 4 Worst Ways To Lose Weight

Do a search online for weight loss methods and literally millions of different search results show up. Some of these include diet. Some include exercising. The best methods focus on both diet and exercise. Unfortunately, lurking within those diet methods are some very dangerous options.

When people try one of these four methods, they often find that their choices not only fail, but can leave them sick, fatigued, depressed and heavier than they were before they started.

1. Extremely limiting diets

Any diet that requires you to either cut calories to an almost non-existent level or to cut out entire food groups should be dropped from consideration immediately. Your body needs calories. It needs fat. It also needs protein and fiber. You get these by eating a variety of real foods. The most successful diets preach moderation.

Unless you have some type of physiological response to certain foods, such as an allergy, don’t try to exclude any food group. When choosing foods that might be considered bad, such as fats or sugars, limit the consumption and choose the most natural source as possible. This could include olive oil or fresh fruits.

2. Surgery

Surgery can be a good option for some people, but the unfortunate truth is that too many people go into surgery thinking it’s the magic bullet. Without major changes in diet, activity level and mentality, most surgery patients will soon gain all the weight back on.

In addition, surgery has complications and risks. Any surgery, especially bariatric surgery, disrupts the normal body functions. By doing so, it can cause increased flatulence, incontinence, frequent dehydration, nausea, diarrhea, ulcers, malnutrition, or vitamin deficiencies. Many of these issues require additional surgeries in order to fix it properly and others are just something that people have to learn to live with.

3. Over-exercise

Exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight. Some type of exercise should be found in every sensible weight loss plan. Walking, hiking, lifting weights, jogging and gardening are all great choices for weight loss goals. However, when it comes to exercise, more is not always better.

If you tend to overdo your exercise activities, you are at a higher risk of bone or muscle injury. Although moderate exercise can help you get a great night’s sleep, extreme exercise can bring on insomnia. Moderate cardio is great for the heart, but extreme cardio can cause heart problems. And both can bring anxiety, stress and depression.

4. Drugs or pills

Weight loss pills are not a magic potion. Not only is it highly unlikely that weight loss pills provide any health benefit, most include harmful ingredients. These can include caffeine or stimulants. In fact, many weight loss supplements once touted as safe were found to lead to problems such as kidney failure, liver failure, heart disease and even death.

One of the tricks that weight loss supplements use is to claim their products are all natural. However, a recent expose showed that most supplements do not contain what’s on the ingredient list and most are fraudulent. 

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