The Best Equipment to Buy for Your Home Workout Space

The Best Equipment to Buy for Your Home Workout Space

One of the most challenging parts of an exercise program is finding a convenient, comfortable space in which to work out. Well, you can’t get much more comfortable than your very own home. While gym memberships can certainly be valuable, anyone can create their own amazing workout space with a few relatively simple tools.

1. Doorway pull-up bar

Pull-ups are notorious for being one of the most difficult exercises, but they’re one of the most complete back workouts you can do. Doorway pull-up bars are a safe and efficient way to bring this amazing workout to your own living room. They fit on most modern doorways and allow for a complete range of motion. If you have a hard time getting started, it’s perfectly acceptable to use a chair to help get you up there in your first few weeks.

2. Push-up stands

Though an excellent chest and back workout, push-ups can be a little hard on the wrist, particularly on hard surfaces. A push-up stand can help redirect pressure from your wrists into your upper arms, but here’s a tip: Don’t make the mistake of thinking the push-up will be any easier for it!

3. Yoga mat

Exercising on a hard surface is not only uncomfortable, it can more easily lead to injury or prevent you from executing certain movements. Even if you have no intention of performing yoga, a high-quality yoga mat provides stability and support for all your home workouts.

4. Dumbbell set

If you’re serious about exercising, you’ve got to incorporate some form of weight training sooner or later. However, it isn’t always practical to have a full barbell set in your own home. Dumbbells are another matter entirely; they’re much smaller and versatile, and you can vary the weight depending on the move you’re performing at any given moment.

5. A dip stand

A solidly built dip stand will allow you to perform a number of valuable upper and lower body exercises. Look for one that’s collapsible so you can save space and bring it on business trips for hotel-room workouts.

6. Resistance bands

If pull-ups are impossible or if weight training is just not an option, resistance bands can help work many of the same muscle groups with much less impact. But don’t worry – they’re no less effective than traditional weights!

Aerobics and resistance training are the core components of most exercise programs. You can jog or do jumping jacks just about anywhere, but many people have trouble finding a way to build muscle without regular gym attendance. This list emphasizes easy, practical tools you can use to take your at-home training to a whole new level.

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