What You Need to Know About Chia Seeds

What You Need to Know About Chia Seeds

Ancient Mayan and Aztec people used chia seeds as a dietary staple, due to the seeds' high nutrient content and its provision for sustained energy during long hunts. Chia was also used in religious ceremonies because of its numerous medicinal benefits. Chia seeds are a healthful addition to any diet. Many consumers are unaware of the various health benefits of one of the healthiest foods on earth. If you want to better your health easily, here’s all you need to know about chia seeds:

1. Nutritious and low calorie 

It's easy to add chia seeds to your diet because their bland taste offers an array of versatility. They also don’t need to be blended up like flax seeds making them easier to prepare. Only recently has it surfaced that chia seeds are nutritious and these tiny seeds do pack a powerful punch.  A 1oz serving offers 11g of fiber, 4g of protein, and 9 grams of fat (5/9 being Omega-3’s). 

2. Loaded with antioxidants

Chia seeds are packed with antioxidants, which help protect the sensitive fats in the seeds from going rancid. Antioxidants are essential in any diet because they fight against free radicals that can damage molecules in cells and contribute to aging and diseases. Some say chia seeds have more antioxidants than blueberries.

3. Fiber and protein rich

On the supplement facts it may state that chia seeds are high in carbs however 90% of those carbs are fiber. Since fiber does not raise blood sugar levels nor does it require insulin to be disposed of it should not really be counted as a carb. Therefore the true carb content is only 1g per oz making it a low-carb food. Because they are highly fibrous, chia seeds can absorb 10-12 times their weight in water creating a gel-like substance, which increases fullness and helps to absorb food more slowly. Chia seeds are high in quality protein, a lot higher than most plant foods. Since protein is the most weight loss friendly macronutrient it helps to drastically reduce appetite and cravings. A lot more health benefits are being discovered about chia seeds, however they will require more time and future testing.


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