Why It's Time To Quit Eating Meat

Why It's Time To Quit Eating Meat

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." -Albert Einstein

Eating a plant-based diet is the new sexy according to the growing number of vegetarians around the world. Vegetarianism, which means refraining from poultry and meats, as a concept is nothing new, what is new is this concept is no longer relegated to the realm of hippie, fire-dancing, patchouli-wearing love children. The fact that some of the world’s most successful and powerful people have given up poultry and meat for a plant-based diet is one of the biggest signs that vegetarianism is cool — and cool is that step before mainstream.

The rich and famous vegetarian

Thought-leader and Microsoft-founder Bill Gates, Apple-founder Steve Jobs and former US president Bill Clinton are just a few of the names that pop up in vegetarian circles. These powerful men prove that it is possible to function and function at a high level while eating a plant-based diet. Proponents argue that the human body can get all of the nutrients it needs from a plant-based diet and our bodies were never designed to consume animals.

Why humans can’t consume animals

Scientific studies show that the human body is not designed for a carnivorous diet. Herbivores have a long small and large intestine, because it takes longer for the body to absorb nutrients from plants. Carnivores have a short small and large intestine, because nutrients from meats are more easily absorbed. And as you probably guessed here, humans have long small and large intestines, which means the meats that humans consume can stay in the body longer and putrefy. New health advocates argue that a vegetarian diet keeps our body cleaner and healthier, because we are not allowing toxins to build up in the body.

How you can stop animal cruelty

There are, of course, ethical reasons for this new collective push toward vegetarianism. Thanks to the internet, information about how exactly animals end up from the farm to the table have caused great alarm. Numerous reports detailing the cruelty inflicted upon animals that are bred for consumption have alerted many people to the reality and horrors of consuming animals. Videos of cramped housing conditions, sick animals, and abuse have made their rounds on the web, providing a harsh lens into the realities behind that chicken breast or steak.

Why vegetarianism is for the new age

The market has also started to pay attention to this new collective consciousness regarding the consumption of animals and animal products. Less than a decade ago, eating a vegetarian diet meant you needed to pack your own food when venturing outside the home for the most part. Today the choices are far and wide with more and more new, hip vegetarian restaurants opening their doors in major cities around the world.

The plant-based revolution may have been slow to catch on, but now it’s in full-swing. The increasing awareness and education about vegetarianism paired with the treatment of animals for consumption means being vegetarian is not just a diet but a modern-day lifestyle that could get very political in the very near future.


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