Why You Should Keep Yogurt in Your Diet

Why You Should Keep Yogurt in Your Diet

Yogurt is more than just “part of a complete breakfast,” a good afternoon pre-dinner holdover, or a fun, no-hassle dessert. The health benefits of yogurt, especially the sugar-free variety, go on and on.

Whether you are worried about developing health problems like high blood pressure or osteoporosis, want more protein in your diet, or just want to benefit from added nutrients from natural sources in your diet, yogurt can be a valuable part of what you eat.

Good From the Start

As long as you are getting yogurt with no added sugar, it is an innately healthy food. Plain yogurt, in its purest form, is just the combination of milk and live cultures, healthy bacteria that both turn milk into yogurt and help with digestion. Because of this, yogurt is packed full of health benefits.


Bone Health

Yogurt is made from milk, so it is naturally a good source of calcium. This is the building block for our bones, and yogurt contains high levels of it. With a single serving (8 oz.) of yogurt, you get about 40% of your daily calcium needs. (This number is slightly less with Greek yogurts.)


As mentioned before, milk is turned into yogurt with the addition of live, active cultures. Essentially healthy bacteria, these probiotics promote a healthy digestive system. Eating yogurt on a daily basis is known to keep one regular.


Yogurt is a wonderful, natural source of protein. With anywhere from 12-20 grams of protein per 8 oz. serving (more in Greek), yogurt is certainly a protein rich snack. This is good if you’re on a diet, as it makes the body feel full longer. It also means that yogurt is a good choice for after working out.

Heart Health

In people who have yogurt about twice every week (the equivalent to 2% or more of one’s daily caloric intake), studies have shown a reduced risk of developing high blood pressure. It is important to have low-fat yogurt if you’re worried about your blood pressure, though, as dairy fat can increase the bad cholesterol in your system and worsen your condition.

Additional Nutrients

In addition to the nutrients and benefits already discussed, yogurt also contains minerals like potassium and magnesium, as well as vitamin B.

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