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Morgan is a doctoral candidate in the field of clinical nutrition and nutritional neuroscience, having received her bachelors degree from Central Washington University.

Overview of EatingWell Diet

The EatingWell Diet utilizes scientifically supported weight loss principles, including portion control, Calorie-counting, exercise, and emotional management. Dieters are guided through the seven-step process; unlike other diets, the EatingWell diet does not have a specific time frame; rather, dieters are acquainted with the seven key principles of weight loss, including emotional readiness, support, goal setting, and long-term planning. Dieters incorporate these principles into their life as they begin their weight loss process, and continue to utilize the concepts as they move into long-term maintenance, with support tools provided by the EatingWell plan.

Diet origins

The EatingWell Diet was created by the editors of EatingWell magazine and Doctor Jean Harvey-Berino, RD, to address the often overlooked psychological principles and dietary methods required to achieve lasting weight loss.

How easy is it to follow?

Thanks to emotional readiness tools and dietary flexibility, the EatingWell diet is an excellent educational tool and guide to promote weight loss and improve nutritional status. The majority of dieters will be able to comply with this diet long term if they are emotionally ready and committed to change.

What are the costs required?

This diet is not cost-prohibitive; the only cost to members is groceries and the optional book; free online resources are available, including emotional tools, recipes, and helpful tips and strategies.

Will this diet be time consuming?

The EatingWell Diet may take slightly more time in meal planning and preparation if dieters are not accustomed to cooking meals at home; however, the diet does provide tips for eating outside of the home, acknowledging that flexibility is key in long-term success. Additionally, dieters are encouraged to exercise about two hours per week, which may be more than many dieters are accustomed to. However, increased exercise expenditure is ultimately beneficial, and is well worth the extra time.

How safe is this diet?

The EatingWell diet is a very safe and balanced plan that encourages healthy eating and moderation while promoting effective weight loss. However, you should always discuss any dietary changes with your doctor or healthcare team, especially if you have a preexisting condition.

Is this diet legitmate?

The EatingWell diet is not a contentious or debated diet; it is a sound plan that relies on scientifically supported weight loss concepts, encouraging healthy weight loss and balanced nutrition.

The breakdown

Benefits: The Eatingwell diet is a balanced, well-designed plan that specifically outlines the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve effective, lasting weight loss.

Downsides: There are very few downsides to trying the EatingWell diet.

The Bottom Line: The EatingWell diet is safe, effective, and flexible. Most dieters will benefit from principles of the EatingWell plan, and have a very realistic chance of long-term success.

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