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Overview of Numi by Nutrisystem Diet

Numi is essentially a personalized, interactive plan that allows dieters to eat the foods that they like and still lose weight. It is similar to Weight Watchers, in that dieters are free to choose the foods that appeal to them, but differs in that most Weight Watchers members go to support meetings and use “points” to track their food intake. Numi is a plan that is available entirely online or by use of the Numi app. The personalized support comes by way of a Caloric needs assessment, or by further help of one of Numi’s health coaches available via phone. The more information that you log in to the Numi program, the more personalized help and support you receive to help you achieve your goals. Dieters measure their food, taking note of portion size, and then enter the information into the Numi program, where it takes note of the Calories consumed and lets you know how many Calories you have left that day. So while you can technically consume whatever you’d like on the Numi plan and still lose weight (provided you’re accurately logging your portion sizes), dieters generally end up making healthier choices over time as they realize how many Calories are in certain items, finding healthier substitutes and filling up on healthy, low Calorie choices (like vegetables) that they may otherwise be failing to consume currently.

Diet origins

Numi is a relatively new diet by the makers of Nutrisystem. The diet is a far step away (in the right direction) from typical Nutrisystem plans, which are meal order diets with a low long-term success rate. This time, with Numi, the folks at Nutrisystem have done it right.

How easy is it to follow?

Numi is one of the easiest and most effective plans available to dieters, thanks to its reliance on Calorie counting and allowing dieters to choose the foods that appeal to them. The only dieters who will struggle with compliance are those who do not like measuring and tracking their food, or those who still fail to manage their portion sizes despite their personalized Caloric plan.

What are the costs required?

Although Numi requires a user fee, the costs are reasonable for the support and education provided by the Numi plan. Members can choose to pay month by month for a fee of $10, or save money by purchasing membership in a block of three months or one year for $24 and $70.

Will this diet be time consuming?

The Numi system is an incredibly flexible, non-time intensive plan that is great for dieters who are low on time and like being able to “eat on the go” rather than meal plan. Another time-saving aspect of the Numi system is that is doesn’t require any meal prep that dieters wouldn’t already be engaging in.

How safe is this diet?

The Numi diet is a safe one, provided you don’t need to change your macronutrient balance (the balance of carbohydrate, protein, and fat in your diet). For example, Type II diabetics, or those with high blood pressure, will likely benefit from losing weight, but they also need to change what they eat, not just how much of it. So although Numi will help dieters lose weight, consuming too much saturated fat or carbohydrate may be problematic for some dieters, who should discuss any personal concerns with their doctor or healthcare team.

Is this diet legitmate?

The Numi Diet is not a highly contested diet. The plan is a safe one that is scientifically sound and effective: Calorie-counting is not a new concept, it’s the backbone of any successful weight loss plan. Numi just uses an interactive app or website rather than a food journal, and gives personalized suggestions and support when needed.

The breakdown

Benefits: Numi is an effective plan that makes weight loss attainable for busy dieters and dieters who want to lose weight without drastically altering their diets. Using the simple principle of Calorie-counting and tracking, users are able to eat their typical meals or preferred foods in quantities that will allow them to lose weight. Numi’s realistic approach and support options provide a high chance of success.

Downsides: There are very few negative aspects of the Numi diet, the foremost being a possible lack of improvement in nutritional status. Although the Numi system effectively promotes weight loss through Calorie counting, dieters may continue to eat unhealthy foods and fail to incorporate veggies and other wholesome fare into their standard routine. So although they’ll lose weight, their overall health status may not improve. However, this can be easily overcome by making healthier choices the majority of the time, using Numi as a guide to discover unhealthy foods and find suitable replacements.

The Bottom Line: Numi is a pretty top-notch plan overall. While it may not motivate dieters to improve the overall quality of their diet, it does safely and effectively promote weight loss and teach dieters how to count Calories to ensure that weight loss. The plan is highly attainable and dieters have a high chance of losing weight and thereby improving their health on this diet.

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