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Overview of Ornish Diet

The Ornish Diet can be used to achieve a number of health-related initiatives, although the primary focus is cardiovascular wellness, with weight loss running a close second. The benefits of The Ornish Diet exist on a spectrum: the more changes you make, the more your health will improve. If you choose to make a few changes, your health will improve moderately. If you commit fully to the plan, your health will improve exponentially, and weight loss is a very likely outcome. The Ornish Diet groups foods according to their relative health or indulgence. Group 1 Foods are considered to be the healthiest, whereas Group 5 foods are the most indulgent.

Diet origins

Developed by cardiologist Dr. Dean Ornish, the Ornish Diet was originally intended for patients with cardiovascular disease to treat and reverse their condition through diet, exercise, and stress management.

How easy is it to follow?

The Ornish Diet can be fairly easy or fairly difficult to stick to, depending upon what end of the spectrum the dieter falls. Those who choose to focus immediately on the far end of the spectrum may struggle, facing too many changes all at once.

What are the costs required?

The only cost of the Ornish diet is the book and grocery costs; no specific Ornish-branded products or fees are necessary.

Will this diet be time consuming?

The Ornish Diet time commitment varies depending on the number of changes you make and the amount of time you take pursuing those changes.

How safe is this diet?

The Ornish Diet is a safe solution for the vast majority of dieters. However, those with medical conditions or special health considerations should always consult their doctor or healthcare team before undergoing dietary changes or exercise.

Is this diet legitmate?

The Ornish diet is generally accepted as a very healthy plan, especially those with need for dietary intervention for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

The breakdown

Benefits: The Ornish diet provides multiple benefits ranging from improved emotional health to weight loss. It is also very flexible in both structure and food variety.

Downsides: The flexible structure of the Ornish Diet may fail to meet the criteria necessary for weight loss if the individual dieter fails to make enough spectrum changes and reduce Caloric intake.

The Bottom Line: The Ornish Diet is a very healthy plan, but may be lacking for those who are seeking more concrete structure to reach specific weight loss goals.

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