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Morgan is a doctoral candidate in the field of clinical nutrition and nutritional neuroscience, having received her bachelors degree from Central Washington University.

Overview of Spark Solution Diet

The Spark Solution Diet is marketed as a two-week plan to introduce dieters to the most important components of weight loss and weight maintenance. The diet professes to teach dieters the tools they will need to successfully lose and then maintain weight for the rest of their lives, with those lessons delivered throughout the 14-day diet period. It should be noted, however, that the diet does not claim that dieters will maintain lost weight after the 14-day plan if they veer from the teaching of the Spark Solution plan. This is true of all diets: dieters must be willing to change long-term, adopting a healthier way of thinking about and consuming food. Luckily, The Spark Solution Diet offers a very balanced and intelligent approach to Nutrition Education and behavioral modification. Thanks to the plan’s flexibility and variety, users who have made the commitment to maintaining this plan long-term will find great success. The Spark Solution Diet is also fairly unique in that it incorporates exercise, whereas the majority of diets focus solely on nutrition, leaving the issue of exercise up to the individual dieter. The fitness portion of the Spark Solution Diet outlines six days’ worth of workouts, with one day left for rest. The workouts are fairly simple and low-intensity, which is well suited to novice exercisers or those who are unaccustomed to vigorous exercise.

Diet origins

The Spark Solution Diet originated in 2013, with the growing popularity of its namesake diet website, The Spark Solution Diet itself was created by a Registered Dietitian named Becky Hand, an employee of Spark People.

How easy is it to follow?

If the dieter is committed to true education and lasting change, the diet is very easy to follow long-term, thanks to its moderate approach and focus on food tracking and Caloric balance.

What are the costs required?

The only purchase Spark Solution dieters need to make is the Spark Solution book, available in stores or online for around $10. The book is also available for download for tablets or e-readers.

Will this diet be time consuming?

The book outlines the 14-day changes necessary to learn new healthy habits and begin the weight loss process, but long-term compliance is necessary for lasting weight loss and maintenance. This diet incorporates an exercise component, which, while taking more time than diets that focus solely on nutrition, proves to be a positive asset for Spark dieters.

How safe is this diet?

The Spark Solution Diet offers a safe and nutritionally adequate diet for the vast majority of dieters. However, those with medical conditions or special health considerations should always consult their doctor or healthcare team before undergoing dietary changes or exercise.

Is this diet legitmate?

The Spark Solution Diet itself is a very sound plan for the majority of dieters. However, those with pre-existing conditions should always discuss any dietary or lifestyle changes with their doctor or healthcare team.

The breakdown

Benefits: The Spark Solution Diet provides useful nutrition education and teaches dieters to count calories effectively. It also encourages exercise and provides a well-defined structure for dieters. Another benefit of the diet is that it provides a multitude of online resources, help and support from professionals and other Spark dieters.

Downsides: The Spark Solution Diet has very little downside if it is followed correctly.

The Bottom Line: The Spark Solution diet is one of the best solutions for the general public hoping to achieve long-term weight loss and maintenance.

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