How many pushups are there in a deck of cards?

Pick cards out of a deck 54 cards (deck + 2 jokers) and perform pushups in accordance with each card. If you draw a 7, for example, do seven pushups. A face card is worth 10 pushups, an ace 25 and a joker 50.

What is deck of cards push-ups?

Playing Card Push-Up Workout

Shuffle the cards and place the deck face down between you and your partner. Draw a card from the top of the deck. Perform the number of Push-Ups based on the number on the card. If it’s a face card or an ace, repeat the number of Push-Ups from the previous card.

How many exercises are there in a deck of cards?

That’s not to say the deck of card workout is simply an intense workout gimmick meant to break the monotony — it packs some real benefits. First and foremost, the time it takes to perform four exercises 13 times over, respectively, with no rest between moves demands some serious stamina.

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Is deck of cards a good workout?

The workout we’re referring to is called “The Deck of Cards,” and it’s a great way to get your crew or friends involved in a creative and butt-kicking workout. Here’s how it works: As you know, a standard deck of cards has four suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades.

How many reps are in a 52 card workout?

The number on the card is the number of reps. Jacks are 11 reps, Queens are 12 reps, and Kings are 13 reps. Good luck and, most importantly, have fun!

How many push ups did Ray Lewis do?

To touch the Lombardi trophy. And ironically, my number ended up being 52.”

How many reps are in a deck of cards?

Use the value on each card to represent the number of times you’ll complete each exercise. For face cards: Jack = 11 reps, Queen = 12 reps, King = 13 reps, and Ace = 14 reps. To target different muscle groups, use new exercises each time you do the Deck of Cards workout.

How do you do a Superman?

Lying on your stomach, extend your hands in front of your head. Keeping your head in a neutral position, looking toward the floor, lift your arms, and legs up toward the ceiling. Feel as if you’re reaching far away from your body with your hands and feet. Hold for 3 seconds and repeat 10 times.

How long does a deck of cards workout take?

For instance, if you do a full-body workout for the first 10 minutes, when you’re done, assign new exercises to each card suit, and do a lower body workout for five minutes, then an upper body workout for five minutes, for a total of a 20-minute total-body routine.

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How many calories does deck of cards burn?

Three hours of playing cards burns 351 calories. Ante up and go all in, but don’t load up on high- calorie chips and dip. You’ll burn 74 calories during the 30 minutes you spend preparing dinner.

How long should a deck of cards last?

Any deck of cards, no matter what it is (unless it’s one of those 30 buck plastic immortal water proof gun proof lion proof) will eventually wear out from handling it, and using it. 3-4 hours a day of practice and any deck will lose its sparkle after a month – 6 weeks in my experience.

What is the best body weight exercise?

Best Bodyweight Exercises

  • Push-Up.
  • Squat.
  • Inverted Row.
  • Chin-Up.
  • Glute Bridge.
  • Bear Crawl.
  • World’s Greatest Stretch.
  • Burpee.

Does the deck of pain work?

Yes, with the deck of pain workout, aka prison-style fitness, you can exercise and have fun while at it. It is a very effective strength training exercise regimen. The best part is that it’s a no-equipment workout routine requiring a little space.

What is a plank Jack?

What is a Plank Jack? The plank jack is a combination of two very common exercises: the plank and (big surprise) the jumping jack. You get on all fours in a plank position, and then hop your feet outward and inward while trying to keep your spine and pelvis aligned.

What is a dice workout?

SPRI Exercise Dice are a fun and exciting way to get fit with your friends! Just roll the 6-sided dice and perform the exercise and repetitions that appear on top of each dice. Exercises include jumping jacks, crunches, squats, lunges, push ups, and wildcard! Rep counts range from 30, 60, 90 seconds or 10, 20, 30 reps.

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How do you do prisoner squats?

Keep your chest up and place both hands on the back of your head, with your elbows pointing out to the sides. Lower slowly by moving your hips down and back, keeping your back straight and looking forwards, until your thighs are parallel to the ground, then drive back up, pushing through your heels.